2017 is changing marketing. Have you noticed?

The new year is not only bringing greater resolutions but it is also showing new solutions to our greater marketing concerns and problems. Companies and marketers should be aware of these new shifts in the marketing game.

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Don’t panic! There is still time for you to surpass everyone else who is a little ahead. Here are the game changing marks about to hit the playing field:

     1. The research and data driven athlete: Picture4

Companies and businesses are now relying on creating more content than ever before using the data and research they collect from their customers. This is the driving force for any new service or product that businesses will create as the solutions to their customers needs. The data is becoming the offensive player that is narrowly focusing on getting the ball which is your product, to the goal which is your customer. What does this mean for businesses? Since everyone is counting on the data to do the job, the focus on delivering the proper answers that your customers seek is becoming more and more narrow.

    2. The journey mapping side liner:

Image result for football play diagram whiteboard

You know how every type of sport has that one person who is one the sidelines making marks on a whiteboard with arrows and lines? Businesses need to make sure they have someone who does that exact job. Mapping out your customers journey is a good way for a business to see and answer questions that your customer may have about your product. It can also help your business to better understand the ideal customer and figure out their unmet information needs. Creating a map is a helpful tool in providing context to your innovation and thus giving it more relevance.

    3. The laptop to smartphone transitioning player:

You know the saying that “technology is taking over?” Well, it isn’t 2020 yet and we don’t have flying cars but businesses are going to have to learn that smartphones are the new way customers check out content. Businesses have a bulk of their content suited towards the laptop experience but are beginning to realize they are being more viewed through mobiles and finding ways to change their strategies.

Image result for laptop to mobile

More apps are being created to ensure more user friendly experiences and reach out to all the demographics. “According to Google, 61% of users are less likely to return to a mobile site that they had trouble accessing and 40% would visit a competitor’s website instead,” this statistic says it all and more can be found in this article, 31 Mobile Marketing Statistics to Help You Plan for 2017.

There you have it! Of course the changes in the marketing world will continue to evolve but you can start at the start line and collect $200.

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